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Why don’t the leaves grow back in the same place when I pick leaves?

Cut the leaflets instead, do not pick the leaved of the leaflet, this will leave a skeleton which will do the plant no good and no new leaves will grow back on the skeleton.


Where can I buy fresh curry leaf seeds?

First: curry leaf seeds only germinate when they are fresh. Unlike many other seeds which can be dried and will germinate months or even years later; curry leaf seeds simply don’t. When they are dried, they loose their viability. This means fresh seed is only available in spring/summer time when thes tree produces fruit and seed. Unfortunately some (Chinese) sellers are selling so called curry leaf seeds on Amazon and eBay the whole year round. But reviews like this show this is a scam. Get on our list for real and fresh curry leaf seed!


Do your plants come with a plant passport?

The curry leaf tree is still known as Murraya Koenigii L., but recent studies have shown that the plant belongs to Bergera instead Murraya (1)(2). Within the EU, a plant passport is not mandatory for the Bergera family.


How quickly does it grow and how long before you can use the leafs?

Most people grow the curry leaves because they want to be able to use fresh leaves for cooking. When you buy a seedling (around 10cm), it will take at least one year (with good conditions) before it’s a more established plant from which you can leaflets on a regular basis. 


Will a curry tree survive in climates like UK, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy?

Yes, plenty of people from Western Europe have successfully grown the Murraya Koenigii curry leaf tree in Western Europe. The tree should be kept inside during winter months, and will not grow in that time of the year. However in spring and summer it will grow quickly when given the right care. Read more about growing the curry leaf tree.

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