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This is a happy and healthy curry leaf plant sapling – Murraya Koenigii aka Bergera Koenigii – grown from seed. These trees have their origin in India and Sri Lanka, where you can find them in the backyards of many households.

Fresh curry leaves are extremely aromatic and have a strong flavour that has been compared to citrus, asafoetida, anise and lemongrass. When cooked or fried, curry leaves have a nutty aroma and a mild to slightly pungent bite.

To prevent the spreading of citrus greening disease, the EU introduced a ban on the import of fresh curry plant leaves in 2014. It’s therefore very difficult to find fresh leaves in Europe. Dried leaves can still be imported, of course. But dried curry plant leaves have very little flavour compared to fresh leaves.

How to care for a curry leaf plant?

Curry leaf plant

Mother plant

The curry leaf tree likes sunlight, heat and humidity. It’s vulnerable to frost – so, in most European countries, you’ve got to keep it inside during the colder months. This plant does do very well in a pot, though. Simply place yours in the sunniest spot you can find, and put it on a humidity tray if necessary. You can bring it outside in summertime.

In wintertime, we recommend using an LED grow light to prevent your curry leaf tree from shedding leaves. But don’t worry if it drops some leaves over winter – they will grow back when spring brings more light and higher temperatures.

Water only when the top 2 centimetres of the soil is dry.

This curry leaf plant sapling will eventually grow into a large bush or tree, providing you with plenty of fresh and aromatic leaves for the most delicious curries.


To ensure that it’s delivered in perfect condition, your curry leaf plant will be shipped in custom plant mail-order cardboard packaging.

Questions and answers

  1. Do I need to repot the plant when it arrives?
    Answer: a curry leaf plant this size does not need to be repotted; the roots still have plenty of space to grow in the 9cm square pot. If you do repot, do so during the growing season (May-September), using a slightly larger pot.
  2. What soil do I use for curry leaf trees?
    Answer: curry leaf plants thrive in a wide variety of soil types. You can use any regular good-quality potting mix.
  3. Is fertilizer recommended?
    Answer: curry leaf plants don’t need fertilizers to thrive, but several studies have shown that fertilizers can boost growth. If you choose to use a fertilizer, we recommend that you use a liquid citrus fertilizer for your curry leaf tree.
  4. It’s winter and my curry leaf tree is dropping its leaves, what can I do?
    Answer: this is common in moderate climates, as the tree doesn’t receive enough sunlight during December and January. You can use an LED grow light to prevent this from happening – or you can simply wait for spring; the leaves will grow back as light and temperatures increase.
  5. A flower has developed on the upper shoot of my curry leaf plant. Should I leave it, or should it be removed to promote growth of leaves and branches?Answer: that depends on what you want. If you want seeds, keep the flowers and put the plant outside in warmer weather. Insects can then pollinate the flowers, which produces seeds. Flowering does reduce growth of new branches and leaves, however. So, if you prefer to have more leaves, prune the flowers.
  6. Why are the lower branches and leaves dying and falling off?
    Answer: this is normal. As the curry leaf tree grows, it will naturally shed old leaves and branches.
  7. How can I encourage bushier plant growth?Prune your curry leaf tree during growing season (May-September). It will then form new side shoots, which usually results in a bushier plant.

(1) COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2000/29/EC on protective measures against the introduction into the Community of organisms harmful to plants or plant products and against their spread within the Community

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The curry leaf plant arrived well packaged and very fresh. My questions were answered nicely and informative. This site also provides tips about how to take care of the plant. For a beginner, these tips were very helpful.

  2. Sharon Cordeiro (verified owner)

    Came in intact. Very good packaging and the baby plant was already growing new stems. Just perfect. Thank you.

  3. Amita (verified owner)

    Delivered successfully to Crawley, West Sussex UK. Great service, was scared wouldn’t arrive in perfect condition but it was still alive ans kicking, even after spending 48 hours in the post office!! Great aftercare service too! Thank you so much will definitely be recommending you guys!!

  4. Magali (verified owner)

    The little tree arrived yesterday in France, only a few days after being dispatched from Netheland. Well packed and in perfect state, it is now beginning his new life in our house. Tank you !

  5. Dirk B. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, I had luck.. 2 for the price of one. Thanks.. Top!

  6. Anila Obee (verified owner)

    Loved the packing and the quality of saplings. Now waiting to see them grow.

  7. Nihit

    It was a lovely experience of having the most awaited plant. Well packed and healthy curry leaf plant was a very good surprise for my wife as she really love this plant. I would highly recommend to buy it, grow and use in your daily meal for the best results. Thankyou curry leaf tree.com for making this available in Europe and taking a green initiative. Cheers !

  8. Lesley (verified owner)

    My two plants arrived well. Have replanted them onto bigger pots since and they are thriving. I have had them under a grow light since the night hours are getting longer and they seem happy.

  9. Natalie (verified owner)

    Both curry leaf plants arrived in perfect condition even though they took about 3 weeks to arrive. The plants are healthy and have already started to grow new shoots. Very happy with the service

  10. Rob (verified owner)

    They look very good. Let’s see how they survive in the Netherlands.

  11. Anonym (verified owner)

    I had ordered a plant and had some issues with the delivery. Within a few hours of my email, a new plant was sent to my address. I received the plant today. It looks amazingly healthy! Excellent customer service, I would highly recommend Happy Exotics!

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