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Curry leaf seeds are ideal to propagate the Murraya Koenigii tree. There are different ways to propagate curry leaf trees, but unless you have an established tree yourself, the easiest way is to grow from curry leaf seeds. This tree (which is often called a plant) is known by it's botanical names Murraya Koenigii or Bergera Koenigii.

How to germinate curry leaf seeds?

Curry leaf seeds are easy to germinate if they are fresh. The 2 most important things: temperature and humidity. Make sure the soil temperature is at least 20 degrees Celcius. You can use standard potting soil for curry leaf seeds. Use a seed start tray, or simple plastic pots. To increase humidity and temperature, create a micro greenhouse with a domed tray or simply put transparent plastic cups to put over the plants.

How long after sowing curry leaf seeds until I can harvest curry leaves?

After you have sown curry leaf seeds, you would like to know how fast it will grow into a mature plant and tree. The answer is that it depends on the growing conditions. When growing curry leaf seeds in most climate zones in Europe, it will take at least 1 year -more likely 2- before the tree is mature enough to start harvesting the leaves. After germination, the small seedlings take their time to grow up, and in the wintertime growth of curry leaf trees stagnate because there is less sunlight.

How long can I store curry leaf seeds?

Curry leaf seeds only germinate when they are fresh. Unlike many other seeds which can be dried and will germinate months or even years later; curry leaf seeds simply don’t. When they are dried, they loose their viability. So it is recommended to sow the seeds immediately after receiving them. They will be shipped in moist cotton inside a ziplock bag to keep them fresh.

When is fresh Murraya Koenigii seed available?

From June to September time when the tree produces fruit and seed. Unfortunately some (Chinese) sellers are selling so called curry leaf seeds on Amazon and eBay the whole year round. But reviews like this show this is a scam. Get on our e-mail list for real and fresh curry leaf seed! You'll receive a notification as soon as we'll have fresh curry leaf seeds in stock. For the 2020 season we expect to have seed available mid-June! Because of European regulations, we only ship within EU.

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Other names for the tree

Common names: Curry leaf, curry leaf plant, curry leaf tree, sweet nim (or sweet neem). Karuveppilai (Tamil), karapincha (Sinhala), sweet neem, kadi patta (Hindi), kari patta (Urdu), kadhi limbdo (Marathi), curry vepillai, kari bevu, karivepaku (Telugu) or noroxingho pat.
Vernacular/regional names: Arabic: waraq al-kari; Bulgarian: lista Ot kuri; Chinese: ga li ye, ga li ye, Czech: kari listky; Danish: karry blad; Dutch: kerriebladeren; French: arbre à curry, arbre à feuilles de curry, calou pilé (Réunion), caloupilé, carripoulé; German: curryblâtter, curryblâtter; Hindi: kari-patta, mitha nim, mitha neem patta; Hungarian: curry levelek; Indonesia: daun kari, salam koja; Italian: fogli di cari; Japanese: ka-re-ri—hu, kare-rihu, na-n-yo-u-za-n-si-yo-u, nanyouzansiyo; Korean: keo-ri, keo-ri ri-peu, keori, keori ripu, kori; Malay: daun kari (Indonesia), daun kari pla, karupillam; Norwegian: karriblader; Portuguese: folhas de caril; Russian: list'â karri, listya karri; Spanish hoja, hojas de curry; Swahili: bizari, mchuzi; Thai: bai karee, hom khaek; Vietnamese: li cà ri, cari, Ia ca ri, chum hoi trang, xan troc, com nguoi, nget quoi Koenig (Porcher, 2011; Katzer, 2012; Anon., 2013).

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