1 super szczęśliwa roślina cynamonowca cejlońskiego - Cinnamomum zeylanicum


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This item: 1 super happy Ceylon Cinnamon plant - Cinnamomum zeylanicum

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Drzewo sandałowe w doniczce
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1 super szczęśliwe drzewo nerkowca - Anacardium Occidentale
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This is a happy and healthy cinnamon plant – Cinnamon zeylanicum – grown from seed from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) where they grow the best quality Cinnamon.

There are 2 types of Cinnamon plants. Cinnamon zeylanicum from Sri Lanka and Cinnamomum cassia from China. Cassia cinnamon is considered lower quality. It is very cheap and is the type most commonly consumed around the world. Almost all cinnamon found in supermarkets is the cassia variety. We only sell Ceylon Cinnamon.

The spice cinnamon is obtained from the young bark of the branches or stem of the tree. It's the dried inner bark that has a delicately fragrant aroma and a warm sweet flavour.

True Cinnamon plants are a rarity in Europe. These tropical plants can not really handle frost, but they can be grown perfectly in pots.

Cinnamon trees are grown for the following purposes:

  1. Ornamental value: young leaves have a beatifull pink/red color
  2. Make your own cinnamon spice from the bark
  3. Make essential oil from the leaves
  4. Use fresh leaves leaves to make herbal tea
Cinnamon plant

Cinnamon plant

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Properties & Care

How to care for a Cinnamon plant?

The cinnamon plant likes sunlight, heat and humidity. It’s vulnerable to frost, so, in most places in Europe, you’ve got to keep it inside during the colder months. This cinnamon plant grows very well in a pot. Simply place it in the sunniest spot you can find, and put it on a humidity tray if possible. You can bring it outside in the warmer months.

In winter when kept indoors, we recommend using a Oświetlenie LED do uprawy to prevent your cinnamon tree from shedding leaves. But don’t worry if it drops some leaves over winter – they will grow back when spring brings stronger sunlight and higher temperatures.

Podlewaj tylko wtedy, gdy górne 2 centymetry gleby są suche.

This Cinnamon plant sapling will eventually grow into a large bush or tree, providing you with plenty of fresh and aromatic leaves and even Cinnamon bark.

Inne zastosowania

Essential oils are extracted from the leaves or the tree bark through steam distillation. Not only the bark makes these trees valuable Cinnamon leaves are rich in phytonutrients and can be used to make herbal tea.

Dried cinnamon leaves can be ground into a powder and used as a spice in cooking. The powder can be added to baked goods, breakfast cereals, and smoothies for a boost of flavor and aroma.


Pytania i odpowiedzi

  1. Do I need to repot the cinnamon plant when it arrives?
    Answer: You can repot the plant after 2 or 3 weeks, when it has adapted to it’s new home. When you repot, do so during the growing season (April-September), using a slightly larger pot.
  2. What soil do I use for cinnamon trees?
    Answer: Cinnamon plants thrive in a wide variety of soil types. You can use any regular good-quality potting mix.
  3. Czy zalecany jest nawóz?
    Answer: Cinnamon plants do appreciate fertilizer when in growing season. We recommend that you use a liquid fertilizer for your Cinnamon tree.
  4. It’s winter and my Cinnamon tree is dropping its leaves, what can I do?
    Answer: This can happen in moderate climates, as the tree doesn’t receive enough sunlight during December and January. You can use a LED grow light to prevent this from happening – or you can simply wait for spring; the leaves will grow back as sunlight intensity and temperatures increase, new leaves will sprout automatically.
  5. Dlaczego dolne gałęzie i liście obumierają i opadają?
    Answer: this is normal. As the Cinnamon tree grows, it will naturally shed the old (lowest) leaves and branches.
  6. How can I encourage bushier plant growth?
    Answer: Prune your Cinnamon plant during growing season (May-September). It will then form new side shoots, which usually results in a bushier plant.

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