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🌱 Are you excited by the idea of harvesting your homegrown super fresh betle leaves from your own betel leaf plant? Or do you simply have a passion for cultivating exotic plants? Growing a betle leaf vine (botanical name: Piper Betle) can be a unique and rewarding experience, as you have the opportunity to nurture a rare tropical plant and witness its growth and development first-hand. And: a betel leaf plant is relatively easy to propagate through cuttings, so you might be able to share in the future!

🌿 The betel leaf plant was propagated from cuttings and cultivated in an indoor greenhouse under LED lights, thriving in its P7 pot. It's regularly fertilized to ensure optimal growth and health, guaranteeing customers a vibrant and robust plant. This meticulous care results in a healthy betel leaf plant that's ready to enhance any indoor space with its lush foliage, perfect for culinary and medicinal uses.

🪴 The Piper betle plant, also known as betel leaf, is revered across various countries for its versatile uses. Primarily, it's used to wrap areca nut and other ingredients into betel quids, popular in South and Southeast Asia for its stimulant properties. Additionally, betel leaves are used in traditional medicine for their digestive and respiratory benefits. Culturally, they hold significance in rituals and ceremonies, symbolizing hospitality and respect in many communities across Asia.

Betel leaf plant

🌱 Shipped with confidence from our nursery in the Netherlands, centrally located in Europe, ensuring swift delivery. Each plant is securely packaged in a special plant blister within a sturdy cardboard box, guaranteeing protection during transit. This method ensures that your plants arrive fresh and in pristine condition, ready to thrive in their new environment upon arrival.

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Dimensiones 32 × 10 × 10 cm

Propiedades y cuidados

🪴 The betel leaf (Piper betle) plant grows very well in a pot in a temperate climate. Use a large pot with well-draining, rich soil and place it in partial shade. Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Fertilize monthly with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer. Maintain high humidity (60-80%) and temperatures between 15-30°C, using a humidifier if necessary. With proper care, your potted betel leaf plant will thrive and flourish indoors.


The betel leaf is known by various names across different regions: “पान” (Paan) in Hindi, “পান” (Paan) in Bengali, “வெற்றிலை” (Vetrilai) in Tamil, “తాంబూలం” (Tamboolam) in Telugu, “ವೀಲಿ” (Veelya) in Kannada, “വെറ്റില” (Vettila) in Malayalam, “ใบพลู” (Bai Plu) in Thai, and “Daun Sirih” in Indonesian and Malay. Viledele Gida, Tanbol, Burg-t-Tanbol, Maluu, TrÃ¥u, Plu, Tamalapaku, Bulung samat, Bulath, Papulu, Phoi paan, Vilya, Villayadel are words from other languages used to describe the betel leaf plant.

Propagation of the betel leaf plant is commonly done using stem cuttings:

  1. Selection of Cuttings: Choose healthy, disease-free vines and take cuttings from the middle section. Preferably a section where roots are already emerging from the nodes. Each cutting should be 3 to 4 nodes.
  2. Preparation: Remove lower leaves, leaving a few at the top to reduce water loss.
  3. Planting: Plant cuttings in well-drained, fertile soil rich in organic matter, burying at least two nodes underground.
  4. Support and Care: Use trellises or stakes for support as they start regrowing new leaves. Water regularly but avoid overwatering to prevent root rot. Partial shade is preferred in summer.

Alternatively, you can also propagate a branch while it’s still attached to the mother plant. Burry just one or 2 nodes in soil in a new pot and wait for new roots to grow. Cut the branch once roots have developed properly. This method is a bit more technical, but it will have a higher succes rate, and it will grow faster as the cutting can still feed from the mother plant.

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