Indoor LED Grow light for 3 super happy curry leaf trees

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Why use LED grow light for curry leaf trees?

Curry leaves plantation in India

Curry leaves plantation in India

If you want your curry leaf tree to grow as much leaves as possible, it’s important that you mimic the conditions of the (sub)climate that it originates from. On plantations in India they grow in full blazing sunlight. The trees will grow much faster when it’s hot, humid and with a high intensity of light. This LED grow light will help you to increase the intensity of light, and also humidity.

1. More light

These trees are used to very intense heat and sunlight, that’s why they grow best in summer. When you live in Europe, especially in winter the days are very short and sunlight intensity is extremely low compared to it’s native climate. Because curry leaf plants are not frost hardy, the plants have to be kept indoors in winter when you are in Europe. There, temperature is better, but keeping the plant inside the house light intensity inside a house in winter is very low. That is the main reason that some curry leaf trees not only stop growing in winter, but sometimes also drop their foliage around December/January.

LED grow light

LED grow light

In winter, as soon as you increase light intensity with a LED grow light, the plant will absorb enough light so that it will not loose it’s foliage and will continue to grow, even in winter.

2. Increased humidity

Next to providing growth stimulating light, this grow light also helps to increase humidity around the plants. The base of the light can function as a humidity tray. How does that work?

  1. You can put 3 pots on the base with a maximum of 12 centimetre diameter. Use pots without holes in the bottom, or better is to elevate the pot on a small scale so it can not absorb water through the holes.
  2. Add pebbles to the base around the pots. You can simply collect some stones in nature.
  3. Fill the tray with regular tap water

The water will slowly evaporate, increasing air humidity around the tray.

There are different benefits of using LED grow lights (1)

What to expect when you put your curry leaf trees in these lights? A researcher of Michigan State University says: “A lot of time can be taken out of production through lighting edible and ornamental crops,” he said. “For leafy greens, the production time can be cut in half compared to the field crops. (2)

Features of this light

  • Smart Timer function: 3, 9 or 12 hours on every 24 hours
  • Height adjustable: as the plants grow, you can
  • Easy assemble: installed within 2 minutes
  • Brightness adjustable (25% – 50% – 75% – 100%)
  • Full spectrum: white, blue and red LED’s for optimal growth

(1) Benefits of LED grow lights

(2) What is the impact of LED grow lights on horticulture crops 

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